About Aviso

The world seems to be changing faster than ever. While this creates huge opportunities, it can sometimes leave us feeling like we’re adrift in an untamed ocean.

Aviso is a boutique consultancy helping investors and civic organisations answer one question:

How can we chart a better course through turbulent times?

We have the experience, the skills and the personality to help you navigate a superior path.

Tom King

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Tom King, Director

Tom King founded Aviso after establishing a strong track record in public policy, strategy and business development.

While he had always hoped to start his own firm, he wanted to make sure he had a wealth of experience to draw on before setting sail.

Tom possesses deep knowledge in four vital areas that affect every person, every organisation and every government.


Synthesising this knowledge with clients’ needs frequently opens up new opportunities for organisations to choose their own unique path.

Tom also brings an outstanding personal network – constantly updated and refreshed – and exceptional diplomacy, persuasion and tact.

Most importantly, he believes that providing high quality support is a complex recipe that calls for equal quantities of empathy and leadership.  Because Aviso is about helping you chart a better course – not following in others’ footsteps.