Aviso for Civil Society

For Non-Profit Organisations and B Corporations

Aviso helps social good organisations get to the next level. 

When civil society is shrinking around the world, we want to lend our best efforts to help people doing the most valuable work. Often, these organisations don’t have the resources to grow.

We understand why you might have limited opportunities to step back and assess where you really are heading. It can be hard to see beyond the waves of uncertainty that are rocking the boat.

Services we offer include:


Our touchstone is flexibility. We recognise that cash-strapped organisations dependent on restricted grants or crowd-sourced support don’t always have big budgets or swathes of time available to do long-term thinking.

That’s why we tailor every project to your needs. We can give you the long-term support you need without getting in the way of your day-to-day.

We can be highly visible – sitting alongside your staff and spending time to fully embed in the organisation – or we can be a critical external friend, asking the hardest questions.

To see what Aviso can do for you, contact us using this simple form: